Curriculum Smart Card

Dear Student,

Greetings!! Sri Chaitanya Educational institutions proudly introduces a new ground breaking digital solution called “Curriculum Smart Card”.
This has been developed based on extensive research and feedback from all stakeholders in the ecosystem including students, teachers, parents and administrators. Besides enhancements to content, teaching, learning pedagogy and platform, the biggest advantage to parents and students is “UYOD – Use Your Own Device“. This gives the ability to access and use the digital content from any Windows or Android device (including tablets, desktops or laptops) as long as they conforming to the minimum requirements and device specifications like memory, processor speed, screen size and operating system version.

For help with software installation and Content, Contact us on 040 - 3000 1986, 040 - 4189 1155.
Timings : Monday-Saturday 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM; (Sunday Holiday). Go ahead and download the app now. Happy learning!

Curriculum Smart Card Overview:

Curriculum Smart Card Overview

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